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BE concerts have donated $36,424 to non-profits

  • $1,076. September 18, 2010. "PRECOCIOUS PRODIGIES"
  • $1,917. November 6, 2010. "GIVING BACH"
  • $1,366. January 1, 2011. "MENTORS"
  • $2,195. February 12, 2011. "STRINGS ATTACHED"
  • $656. March 12, 2011. "BAROQUE, BUT GOING"
  • $1,508. April 9, 2011. "LARGE CZECHS"
  • $5,400. September 10, 2011. "INTERVALE CENTER FARMERS"
  • $616. September 17, 2011. "PRECOCIOUS PRODIGIES"
  • $700. October 29, 2011. "INTERVALE CENTER FARMERS"
  • $1,450. November 5, 2011. "GIVING BACH"
  • $1,136. January 7, 2012. "MENTORS"
  • $957. February 11, 2012. "STRINGS ATTACHED"
  • $696. March 17, 2012. "BAROQUE, BUT GOING"
  • $861. April 7, 2012. "LARGE CZECHS"
  • $510. May 25, 2012. "BELIEVER TOUR" for Middlebury Area Land Trust
  • $130. May 26, 2012. "BELIEVER TOUR" for Lake Champlain International
  • $140. May 27, 2012. "BELIEVER TOUR" for Bixby Memorial Library
  • $180. May 28, 2012. "BELIEVER TOUR" for Richmond Historical Society
  • $50. May 29, 2012. "BELIEVER TOUR" for Intervale Center
  • $150. May 30, 2012. "BELIEVER TOUR" for Chitt Emergency Food Shelf
  • $100. May 31, 2012. "BELIEVER TOUR" for CERV
  • $210. June 1, 2012. "BELIEVER TOUR" for Prevent Child Abuse Vermont
  • $190. June 2, 2012. "BELIEVER TOUR" for Hunger Free Vermont
  • $60. June 3, 2012. "BELIEVER TOUR" for SEABA
  • $2,300. July 24, 2012. "SUMMER SERENADES" for Vermont FEED
  • $700. August 11, 2012. "SUMMER SERENADES" for Vermont FEED
  • $1,210.  September 15, 2012.  "PRECOCIOUS PRODIGIES"
  • $1,226.  November 10, 2012.  "GIVING BACH"
  • $1,673.  January 5, 2013.  "MENTORS"
  • $1,627.  February 9, 2013.  "STRINGS ATTACHED"
  • $1,745.  March 23, 2013.  "BAROQUE, BUT GOING"
  • $689.  April 6, 2013.  "LARGE CZECHS"
  • $3,000.  July 23, 24, 25 and August 10, 2013.  "SUMMER SERENADES" for Vermont FEED





Boys and Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club of Burlington has been serving area youth since 1942. Its mission is to inspire and enable community youth, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, healthy, responsible and caring citizens. "Summer Time."


Bixby Memorial Library, supported by Addison, Ferrisburgh, Panton, Vergennes and Waltham, is dedicated to fulfilling the diverse literary and cultural needs of these communities. The Library promotes reading and learning as lifelong activities by providing a wide range or resource materials, programming and outreach and by preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the area. "BEliever Tour - May 27, 2012."

CERV foto2

Community Emergency Relief Volunteers (CERV) is dedicated to helping those in the local community of Northfield, Vermont. The food shelf makes available canned and non-perishable food twice a month to needy residents throughout the year. In addition to the purchase of food from the Vermont food bank and private donations, the food shelf is replenished from collection boxes at the local super market and local churches. CERV volunteers assist clients with their food selections at the food shelf and deliver to the elderly. "BEliever Tour - May 31, 2012."

Chittenden Emergency Food

Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf works to alleviate hunger by feeding people and cultivating opportunities. As the largest direct service emergency provider in Vermont, CEFS serves over 12,000 people each year. "BEliever Tour - May 30, 2012."


Committee on Temporary Shelter is Vermont's largest provider of shelter and services for the homeless and at-risk of becoming homeless. www.cotsonline.org; 802.540.3084. "90/10 Series - Seasons 1, 2 and 3."

common roots

Common Roots connects farmers, educators, youth, and community members to build a sustainable future through place-based educational and service programs. By collectively growing food for our schools, kitchens and food shelves, we celebrate the soil and soul of community. Our stewardship provides food security, affirms our local environment, and nurtures our common roots."Founding Concert, August 2009; 90/10 Series - Season 3."

Hunger Free Vermont

Hunger Free Vermont, formerly the Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger, is an education and advocacy organization with the mission to end the injustice of hunger and malnutrition for all Vermonter. Incorporated in 1993, Hunger Free Vermont is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to providing nutrition education and expanding access to nutrition programs that nourish Vermont's children, families, and communities. "BEliever Tour - June 2, 2012."


Intervale Center for 23 years has been dedicated to preserving agricultural resources in Vermont. We help farmers bring their products to market, build and sustain their businesses, and maintain Vermont’s working landscape; we promote land use that protects Vermont’s water quality; we sustain Burlington’s treasured Intervale; and we share our innovative work and knowledge with communities around the world. Our work has helped to build a community food system that honors producers, values good food, and enhances the quality of life. "Special Flood Relief Concerts - September 10 and October 29, 2011; BEliever Tour - May 29, 2012."


KidSafe Collaborative is a community partnership of agencies, community groups and individuals working together to prevent and address child maltreatment. Programs include interagency Child Protection Teams, systems change through the KidSafe Council, training and outreach. Our goal: to improve systems and strengthen supports for children and families. "90/10 Series - Seasons 1 and 2."


Lake Champlain International ('s) mission is the conservation, restoration and revitalization of Lake Champlain and the Lake Champlain watershed. An investment in Lake Champlain is an investment in our environment, our economy, and our families. By keeping our water clean we protect the health of our families, the fish and wildlife that call our lake, rivers, and streams home, and even our property values. Lake Champlain must be swimmable, drinkable, and fishable if we are to maintain our own quality of life and remain a visitor destination. "BEliever Tour - May 26, 2012."


Middlebury Area Land Trust (MALT) conserves, promotes, and manages land as natural open, and working landscapes in Addison County. MALT also provides and supports recreational, educational and cultural opportunities for the community. "BEliever Tour - May 25, 2012."


Mobius is a local non-profit dedicated to creating a culture of mentoring in our communities. We recruit mentors for kids and provide support for 14 mentoring programs and nearly 800 mentor pairs in Chittenden County, Vermont. "90/10 Series - Seasons 1 and 2."

Music Comp

Music-COMP fosters a community of music educators, professional composer mentors, and pre-service educators who encourage and support music compositions for students. "String Quartet Project (SQP)"


Prevent Child Abuse Vermont promotes and supports healthy relationships between children and the people who are for them in order to eliminate child abuse. "BEliever Tour - June 1, 2012."


Puppets in Education teaches children how to keep themselves safe and healthy and to appreciate each other's differences through the use of life-sized puppets and interactive workshops. PiE's 22 programs teach effective leadership and problem-solving skills, while demonstrating respect, compassion and inclusion for all, to over 10,000 kids throughout Vermont annually. "90/10 Series - Seasons 1, 2 and 3."


Richmond Historical Society serves the community of Richmond, Vermont through its mission to oversee the Old Round Church, a national Historic Landmark, and preserve and share the history of Richmond, Vermont. "BEliever Tour - May 28, 2012."

Rockpoint School logo

Rock Point School is a day and boarding high school for students who need the care, structure and supervision of our small, supportive community to be successful both, in the classroom and, in the world. Our students are bright, creative and curious teenagers who are looking for meaning in their lives and who are committed to becoming their best selves. Our academic program prepares students for college and takes advantage of our very small class sizes to make sure that we can teach students in ways that help them to achieve academic success. Our residential program provides exciting opportunities for students to find out who they want to be and how to live in a community with peers and adults. Rock Point School students come from all over the country, and beyond, and find their home here at our wonderful school. "90/10 Series - Season 3."


South End Arts and Business Association (SEABA) was founded in 1986 under the name of Greater Pine Street Business Association, by a group of artists and business owners who shared the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes the South End of today. Though with a different name, the on-going goal of SEABA is promoting the community and economic vitality of the South End of Burlington. "BEliever Tour - June 3, 2012."


Stern Center for Language and Learning is dedicated to learning for all as we recognize that all great minds don't think alike. We are committed to helping individuals identify their learning strengths and needs as well as to finding solutions that allow everyone to learn. "90/10 Series - Seasons 1 and 2." 


Vermont FEED works with schools and communities to raise awareness about healthy food, the role of Vermont farms and farmers, and good nutrition. Vermont FEED acts as a catalyst for rebuilding healthy food systems, and to cultivate links between the classrooms, cafeterias, communities, and local farms. "Summer Serenades - 2012."


Vermont Children's Trust Foundation raises money for and makes grants to Vermont organizations providing prevention programs for children and families. We believe when children and families thrive, our communities flourish; that preparing kids for life's challenges and keeping them out of trouble, makes more sense than trying to make things right after they go wrong. "90/10 Series - Seasons 1, 2 and 3."

Logo-Hi Res-1

Vermont Family Network is a state-wide non-profit organization that promotes better health, education, and well-being for all children and families, with a focus on children and young adults with special needs. We serve 6,000 families each year and are committed to helping children of all abilities succeed.www.vermontfamilynetwork,org. 1-800-800-4005. "90/10 Series - Season 3."


The Vermont Youth Conservation Corps is a nonprofit youth, leadership, service, conservation, and education organization that instills in individuals the values of personal responsibility, hard work, education, and respect for the environment. This is accomplished by using conservation projects as the vehicle for learning in an intense environment.  "Summer Serenades - Season 3."


The Vermont Youth Orchestra Association serves over 500 students from Vermont, New Hampshire and New York through our programs each year. The VYOA offers master classes with renowned musicians, coaching from many of the best music educators in the region and exciting choral, orchestral and chamber music performance opportunities within a community dedicated to supporting students’ development as musicians, citizens, and leaders.  "90/10 Series - Season 3."

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